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Windows Phone Apps

We build touch enabled software for mobiles devices as well as all-in-one computers running the Windows 8 and 8.1 platforms. Our solutions are designed for users across the entire consumer spectrum from retail clients accessing the software for specific lifestyle choices to enterprise employees using it for coordinating their internal work and projects across departments or countries. We build our offerings from the ground-up which allows us to deliver bespoke jobs that meet exact customer specifications. The products can be accessed from the Cloud or on private data networks. We also include enhancements that let the software operate in locations without data connectivity. In such cases, the packages are able to sync with the mainframe or other hardware as soon as connectivity is established.

Microsoft’s new framework allows users to be truly connected 24X7. The apps can be accessed through mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops. Moreover, they can seamlessly function across both touch screen-based devices and traditional keyboard-based computers. The latest 8.1 version, which works seamlessly on the Cloud, includes augmented security features and management tools. It also incorporates some new enhancements such as the personal virtual assistant Cortana, an updated mobile version of IE 11 which becomes the default internet browser, improved interface for Skype and call management, storage and multimedia. A notable feature that will help product development is the ability to create customised packages on the same model as the company’s proprietary Store apps. These will be based on Microsoft Runtime, the standardised cross-platform application architecture for the Windows 8 operating system. Another change that will streamline software development has been the changeover of the file extension to APPX, the format used for the company’s online Store solutions.

We create solutions using various coding languages such as C#, C++, HTML5, JavaScript and Visual Basic.NET. Our products can run on the latest version of the operating system as well as legacy versions running on older devices. We customise our offerings with made to order user interfaces and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow them to run on specific devices as required by enterprise clients. We also code the output to expend lesser resources in terms of power and storage capacity, by allowing them to automatically switch off unused parts of the whole solution or not save unnecessary data. Other features such as syncing at specified intervals, a less resource intensive operational flow that can effortlessly manage and optimise multimedia files in the background, more security protocols, etc. allow us to deliver a final package that surpasses all customer expectations. We also modify the graphics, images and ads to be less resource intensive. This ensures that our deliveries are light, fast and secure allowing them to actively engage and interact with end consumers based out of any location and using any device.

We have catered mobile software for clients from various industries and countries. Our developers comprise of experts who have extensive programming and technical expertise in delivering traditional and smartphone or tablet-based solutions. They have built offerings for legacy Microsoft operating systems such as Windows Phone as well as earlier versions of the operating platform. Also, we employ a practical on the job learning methodology that allows us to use the efficiencies from completed work into future projects. These working methodologies and technical expertise allow us to always turnaround jobs faster and more economically than the market.

Windows Solutions
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  • Mobile Social Media Applications
  • Interactive Windows Game Design
  • Trade and Business Applications
  • Retail M-Commerce Applications
  • Widget, Utilities & Tools Creation
  • Application Testing and Debugging
  • 24/7 Global Maintenance & Support
Windows Apps
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