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Website Designing

We create visually motivating sites on robust technological and hardware platforms. Our packages are capable of working perfectly in varied browser environments and operating systems including Google Chrome, Apple Mac and iOS, and Microsoft Windows and Windows Mobile, among others. The portals can be viewed on any device from legacy smartphones containing non-standard browsers to most advanced tablets and laptops.

We have built responsive packages for various clients across different industries. We employ the latest coding technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Java to create an adaptive front-end and C++, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc. to deliver a strong back-end architecture. The portals are developed on a flexible and fluid grid framework which lets them adapt to different screens sizes and viewing angles in desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The content including action buttons, ads, images, etc. are also optimised to render at their best resolution on any screen size.

We also develop online software that are specially meant for viewing in handhelds and are built to be flexible and fast enough to be up and running in seconds. We incorporate various elements such as a more visual interface, intuitive navigation, and ability to operate in low connectivity locations. The coding is primarily done in XHTML, WML, HTML5 with CSS, and Java. Our products are built to be simple but engaging enough to attract even the low volume consumers with basic data plans, besides the high volume users.

We construct effective landing pages either on a stand-alone basis or as part of a larger domain for generation of leads or dissemination of information. These are programmed for both standard desktops as well as handheld systems. We have constructed both transactional and referential domains. In the first case, we incorporate simple user-friendly forms and action buttons to turn interested visitors into future customers. In the latter case, we include the content with the required hyperlinks that take the consumer to the specific sections where they need to be directed.

We have also created a portfolio of CMS based website templates that can be purchased and updated by our customers on their own with minimal effort. These offerings allow small-scale businesses such as start-ups or small traders and partnership firms to get an online presence with minimal effort. We additionally deliver 24X7 support services that allow such organisations to limit their costs to the minimum yet have a first-rate support structure to guide and help them.


Responsive website designing

We offer customised pages that render optimally across all devices from traditional desk-based computers to smartphones and tablets. Our developers have expertise in the most advanced HTML5 and CSS3 technologies that allow them to deliver the exact solution required by our customers.


Mobile website

: We create domains for enterprises to leverage the mobile web. The solutions are visually appealing and feature user-friendly navigation besides being fast enough to operate in poor connectivity regions. They can also be upgraded to latest hardware and software versions with minimal effort.


Landing Page Designing

We deliver web pages for organisations to generate leads for their business. These products are made to exact specifications and thereafter optimised with the necessary content, images, forms and links that would enable interested visitors to fill their details for further information.


website templates design

We build CMS based templates on various open-source platforms such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. We offer customised plugins and widgets that allow corporations to create a professional product in-house. These also help our clients to get an online presence for minimal investment.

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