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Responsive website designing

We build smart responsive graphically captivating products that can run on all screen sizes from traditional larger screens of desktops to newer smaller screens of smartphones and tablets. These pages can flawlessly meet with and operate on the diverse specifications of all browsers including Windows IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, among others. They also respond immediately to different portrait and landscape viewing directions in handhelds. We use the most advanced technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 to initially create an adaptive grid-based framework which can then be updated with the content and media files to complete the site. We also offer development services which help our customers update their pages on a regular basis with the latest technologies and also upgrade to newer and more advanced versions of platforms and programming languages used in the initial programming of the package.

The primary reason responsive web pages have become popular is the considerable reduction in effort and costs. As compared to creating two portals, one for larger desktops and laptops and one for mobile phones and tablets, it makes more economical sense to create a single site that can adjust to different screen sizes as and when required. All updates and modifications to the backend platform and coding or the frontend content such as text and images, and overall look and feel need to be managed for a single product. Additionally, the effort required to optimise the site for search engines also decreases as all investments can be made on one website which increases its chances of coming up the rankings. Our focus on giving our clients the best offerings ensures that they get the most professional design and development capabilities within reach of their budgets.

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