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Mobile Websites

The strong growth in smartphones and tablets across various countries of the world has made it mandatory for businesses to have a mobile online presence. Organisations have started using the power of these anytime-anywhere accessible machines to cater to their retail consumers as well as have a mode for seamless interaction among their employees, partners and other associated parties. The introduction of new standards such as 3G and LTE has also upped the data connectivity speeds and allowed companies to address different needs across diverse markets and locations through their mobile web pages. One of the primary decision points in this process to utilise this new platform is the choice between sites specially made for smaller screens and responsive designs. Each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages and so industry constituents need experts like us to help them opt for the best possible choice under their present circumstances and requirements.

The choice between responsive and handheld-friendly sites depends largely on their intended use or audience and the type of interaction it will have. Additional factors include the client’s industry and market, and their current and future budgets. Creating a basic website for the smaller screen is recommended in case businesses prefer to have a separate look and feel for the browsers used in larger desktop and in the newer devices. Also, other factors such as the content being different for the two websites, them catering to different audience, intent to build a unique brand identity for each of the two modes, etc. make opting for a completely different and new product a better decision. However, in cases, enterprises prefer to have a unique content structure and design identity across both smaller handheld and larger desk-based screens, going for the responsive package is the best choice. We utilise the most robust languages and platforms such as XHTML, WML, HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP to create the graphically engaging solutions. The final offering can run flawlessly on all major browsers including Google Chrome, Windows IE, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

We have sufficient expertise in the sector due to our prowess in delivering web and software solutions for diverse markets and geographies. Our team comprises of experts who are fully conversant with the latest technical updates and programming languages. They are able to structure the final package in keeping with its end use from the preliminary planning stages. We study the customer’s initial brief and actively interact with them to understand their specific needs. We advise them on the options available to them and help them decide on the final product. Thereafter, we code the website on the desired platform and in the language preferred. Once the basic structure has been fabricated, we share it with the client and incorporate their feedback to finalise the package. We include the necessary content including texts and images and test the near-ready product on various browsers and operating platforms. We fix any bugs and glitches that may have emerged during texting and handover the completed solution for implementation. We also offer support and maintenance services to keep the pages updated with the latest technologies and advancements. Our cost-effective services can be accessed as a comprehensive package or in parts depending upon client requirements and their budgets.


Mobile supported

We offer fast and engaging solutions that can operate across different locations and address diverse needs for both retail as well as enterprise consumers. We also provide economical content creation as well as 24X7 support and maintenance services.


Responsive Design

We develop unique websites that can operate across different screen sizes, browsers, and viewing modes. Our team employs robust, flexible and scalable grids that allow us to deliver exclusive pages that can be accessed on the go from anywhere in the world.

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