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We create these mini-sites either as stand-alone products that only focus on producing leads or as part of a larger comprehensive package. These are mostly constructed to operate independently, albeit with hyperlinks to the primary site. Our web promotion expertise allows us to align such portals for maximum views. As per requirements, we allocate them unique URLs to which we link from organic or inorganic (i.e. paid) or both search marketing campaign tools. We also link them to relevant emails or blog posts that help attract specific visitors our customer needs to view and use the landing page. We ensure that the design is appealing enough for even the uninterested user to click through or fill in the forms. We also construct referential products which contain pertinent information and do not need the visitor to fill a form or click on action buttons.

We analyse and build progress roadmaps for all such projects. We consider customer briefs to get a proper idea of the final solution desired.  We also understand various other requirements in depth including the type of visitor preferred, the industry / market for which the product is to be created, the timeline for which the domain has to be operational, among others. Such detailed analysis ensures that we are able to conceptualise and develop websites that are right on target. We also ensure that the website is graphically pleasant and balanced. Depending upon client feedback and resources, we incorporate attractive offers such as free gifts, contest tickets, and meal vouchers, among others. Our internet marketing strategies are developed around these mini-sites which lets them to receive more viewership and ultimately generate more leads.

We also help devise these offerings for the smartphone and tablet market. Considering the peculiarities of this segment, we ensure the mobile site is graphically stimulating enough for the user to put in their details. We also keep textual content to a minimum as the smaller timeframe of the viewing window reduces the chances of detailed content being read in full. These domains are always lighter and quicker than standard ones running on desk based systems and are also robust enough to seamlessly run on multiple devices across varied operating environments.


Competitive Price

We offer economically priced packages that are customised to exact specifications. This allows clients to monetise the product quickly and considerably increase their ROI.


High Level of Graphic

We offer graphically enriching solutions for the smaller screen sizes of mobile devices as they are able to captivate and engage audiences better than plain text.


Capture Client Mind

Our offerings centre on actively engaging the visitor and holding their attention to get the message across or getting their contact footprints in the necessary forms.


Fast Loading Pages

We realise the transient nature of the web accessed on the go. Our offerings are built on robust frameworks and are lighter and faster than standard portals.


Expert Team

We have a team of industry experts who continually keep themselves on the latest technologies and trends. This allows us to provide cutting edge tailored solutions.


Seamless Communication

We offer 24X7 customer support and allocate managers for each client. This ensures that all communication is seamless and no confusion occurs at any time. 

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