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iPhone Apps

Our applications address diverse consumer needs from communication and reference tools to games and healthcare. We understand that these on the go offerings run for shorter durations than desk based products, and need to be faster and more intelligible than traditional programmes. We use the most cutting-edge technology to build solutions that are speedier and more flexible. We also create interfaces that can actively engage and hold the user’s attention. Moreover, the content is placed intuitively to offer the necessary details only when called upon to do so. This ensures that the solution is more user-friendly and easily becomes more popular than the competition. The haptic format for all iOS devices requires products that are strictly responsive to touch and which do not need to operate in key-based modes unlike other operating systems, allowing us to streamline the interface and back-end more effectively.

We utilise Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE), Xcode, to fabricate the platforms. The IDE includes the iOS SDK which comprises of the tools, frameworks, compilers, etc. needed for coding and implementing the final package. Our offerings are constructed on either built-in templates or original frameworks which have been specifically created. The choice primarily depends upon end requirements and the target market the software will cater to. In cases, where the programme is only required to perform an already well-defined function, we advise our customers to go for the in-house templates. However, in scenarios, where a new functionality is being designed or too much customisation of a well-identified process is essential, we suggest developing the package from the ground-up.

We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and initiatives in the Mac and iOS space. This allows us to turnaround robust products that are as future-proof as possible, requiring only an update to the latest versions of the operating system to function seamlessly. This helps our clients to keep their costs to a minimal and significantly increase their ROI. Also, our expertise in web designing and promotion allows us to construct software that are holistic in nature and can operate in sync with diverse demands from visitor personalisation, online domains, internal operational guidelines, competitor strategies, and much more.

iPhone/iPad Solutions
  • Custom App Design & Development
  • Mobile Social Media Applications
  • Interactive iPhone/ iPad Game Design
  • Trade and Business Applications
  • Retail M-Commerce Applications
  • Widget, Utilities & Tools Creation
  • Application Testing and Debugging
  • 24/7 Global Maintenance & Support
iPhone Apps
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