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Google Apps


Google Business Email

Includes Google-powered search, bespoke addresses, 30 GB of storage, multi-device support and global access, among others.

Google Calendar

Organise schedules, get event reminders in inbox, attach and share files with teams, and publish for client meet scheduling.

Google Drive

Store and access files from anywhere, share single records or whole folders, and work simultaneously with others on same file.

Google Docs

Create textual and graphical documents, share with teams, work in sync with others and access from any connected device.

Google Sheets

Build large data spreadsheets, track and analyse projects with filters and charts, calculate with formulas and update in real-time.

Google Slides

Design presentations, graphical editor to edit and embed images, animation, video, etc., and publish among select few or with public.

Google Hangout

Interact by video with up to 15 participants, connect from any device; synchronised with other apps for seamless communication.

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