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We build user friendly ecommerce apps for on the go computing. Also referred to as mcommerce, the products are similar to standard commercial software that enables easier online purchase and sale processes. Industry experts estimate that the ubiquitous growth the smartphone and tablet market will result in an explosion in the number of users using their mobile devices to make online transactions. Also, the fall in data plan prices and the introduction of new standards such as LTE around the world has made anytime-data-connectivity a practical reality. As more and more consumers enter the smartphone and tablet space, it becomes imperative for businesses to re-assess their traditional stationary terminals-based online retail strategy and aggressively enter and pursue opportunities in the upcoming segment.

Mobile ecommerce programmes require a real-time ability to receive information and make transactions. They also need to function in more flexible and local environment as users actively personalise their devices and operate it from wherever they are. These considerations make it essential that the software is fail-safe and will operate across different world time-zones and varied climates in real-time. Our technological expertise and know-how in both traditional and cellular technology allow us to appreciate these factors and build robust, flexible and scalable apps very efficiently and cost-effectively.

We use either of PhoneGap or Appcelerator Titanium for developing and implementing the applications. In cases, where customers want their current desk-based solution to be converted for their phones, we generally recommend the PhoneGap framework. In other cases, where a new approach has been decided upon, we use Appcelerator Titanium after consulting the client. We use the Android Software Development Kit as well as other third-party tools to code the application and implement it after due testing and bug fixes. Our modular programming methodology ensures that we are able to design the packages more quickly than the market. Also, our expertise in catering to clients across the world from diverse industries has given us an in-depth understanding of their various peculiarities, helping us to easily customise the apps in the exact manner required.


Competitive Price

Our modular and scalable approach to coding allows us to offer customers the most competitive and economical prices without compromising on quality.


Proven Methodologies

We use a detailed methodology-oriented approach to design the most optimal product. This allows us to turn around projects more efficiently.


24X7 Technical Support

We provide around the clock technical maintenance and support services. Our officers are fully trained to efficiently resolve any problems in any package.


ISO 9001 Processes

We are an ISO 9001 certified company and all our systems are ratified for strong management processes, customer focus and execution quality.


Expert Team

Our developer team has extensive expertise in both desktop and mobile computing, including latest technological frameworks, platforms and tools.


Seamless Communication

Our clients have direct access to the team engaged in their project, which removes all chances of any miscommunication and resultant delay.

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