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Android Apps

We create apps for both commercial and non-profit uses for clients. The software caters to various consumer demands from business tools, books, communication, education, entertainment, games, healthcare, lifestyle and fitness, music, reference, etc. All our products focus on attracting and holding the user’s attention and feature visually engaging designs and related content. All text is kept to the optimum minimal and only the most relevant information is showcased. This ensures that the customer is able to quickly access the required data and get to the most relevant section with ease. For games and other interactive offerings, we focus on overall user experience and reduce any distractions that are not pertinent to the programme the consumer is interacting with.

We primarily use the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), among others to code the products in Java. The platform allows us to access the required API libraries and developer tools to quickly build, test, debug and implement the solution. Our experts keep themselves abreast of the latest technological advances and are swiftly able to leverage new tools such as newer integrated development environments (IDE) to turnaround projects faster. Also our use of a modular coding model allows us to create more efficient scalable products. This programming methodology ensures we are able to deliver packages that are future-proof to the extent possible. Additionally, our continuous on the job learning and various other internal initiatives ensure that our team always remains ahead of the new progress and trends curve, thereby allowing us to deliver robust yet cost-effective software to our clients around the world.

Android Solutions
  • Custom App Design & Development
  • Mobile Social Media Applications
  • Interactive Android Game Design
  • Trade and Business Applications
  • Retail M-Commerce Applications
  • Widget, Utilities & Tools Creation
  • Application Testing and Debugging
  • 24/7 Global Maintenance & Support
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Android Apps
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