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Our Services

We provide comprehensive web and software design offerings including domain registration, website building, search engine optimisation, application engineering and software development packages. We use the latest technological standards such as HTML5, CSS3, JSP, PHP, MySQL and ASP.NET to develop these products. Our developer team also creates platforms specifically for the handheld device environment. We have helped numerous businesses across the world to increase operational efficiencies and strengthen their brand, thereby helping them attract and retain new consumers.

We offer our website portfolio either on a stand-alone basis or as inclusive offerings that include internet promotion as well as support and maintenance services. Most of the front-end coding is done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript while the backend functionality uses ASP.NET, C++, PHP, Ruby on Rails, among others. We also employ off-the-shelf software such as Adobe Dreamweaver to deliver pages. All our web packages are created for both traditional as well handheld mediums. The mobile portals are built primarily to engage and hold visitor attention through seamless interactivity. We design these products to have lesser text and more graphics allowing them to be intuitive and very user-friendly.

We offer search engine optimisation (SEO) services as a part of our overall website solutions. We utilise various techniques such as keyword placement, frequent page updates, backlinking, link submission, Meta Tags, headings, anchor text and alt attributes, etc. to optimise the site and increase its page ranking. In case our clients have different websites for desktop / laptop users and for smartphone / tablet users, we modify all such sites according to end results desired.

Our mobile apps are constructed for all standard platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows. We use the developer companies’ proprietary Software Development Kit (SDK) and their Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which contain the necessary tools, compilers and utilities necessary to develop these solutions. We also use third party IDEs such as PhoneGap or Appcelerator Titanium for building and implementing cross-platform applications.

We provide ecommerce applications for retail as well as enterprise transactions. We can develop packages to operate in both traditional as well as mobile environments. The designs for the smaller touch-based screens utilise advanced haptic technologies to make it easier to navigate such sites and make a purchase. Our team of developers design the flow and interface according to the client’s industry and target audience. The idea is to make the process short and consumer-friendly, resulting in more goodwill and word of mouth publicity for our customers.


Website Designing

We provide web page development services for both commercial and non-commercial markets. Our products are made to customer specifications and are adapted for both larger and smaller screens. The solutions are robust and can be viewed even in areas with data connectivity issues.


Mobile Apps Development

We deliver visually appealing and user-friendly apps for retail as well as enterprise usage. Our applications can operate on single platforms such as Android or iOS, or can be deployed across platforms for enhanced cross-functionality. We use both proprietary as well as third party SDKs and IDEs.


Internet Marketing

We offer comprehensive SEO services that allow our clients to feature their portal on the first page of internet search results. We utilise various tools such as content optimisation, keyword tracking, site submission, etc. to create a strong visitor base that helps improve online rankings.


Ecommerce Solutions

We build fast, scalable ecommerce frameworks for retail and business transactions. The packages can be used across different operating systems and software standards. Our offerings are designed to be simple and engaging backed by strong back-end architecture that enables quick and secure transactions.

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